Gilda Baron Barbican Exhibition 2017

Gilda Baron
The Barbican Library

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Gilda had a lifelong interest in the arts. She spent some years working in the fashion industry as a pattern cutter, before moving on to teach and lecture in fashion and craft.
In later life Gilda began to concentrate on producing her own distinctive artworks. She developed a unique style, using a mixture of techniques and produced stunning land and seascapes, which burst with life, colour and texture and invite the viewer into the picture. Her techniques include fabric painted or batik backgrounds with machine and hand embroidery and felting.
Gilda was regularly invited to hold solo exhibitions at venues across the UK and exhibited regularly at the Knitting and Stitching shows at Alexandra Palace and Earls Court. Gilda's work has been displayed in Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Germany and sold internationally.
In her later years, she continued to enjoy passing on her knowledge, skills and love of art to students of all ages. These include regular slots at Missenden Abbey, Embroiders Guild branches, as well as the Victoria & Albert museum. Gilda's work was studied by textile art students, many of who sought her out at exhibitions or corresponded with her.
Gilda's book 'The Art of Embroidered Flowers', sold around the world and has been translated into Norwegian and Russian.
In 2015, Gilda passed away, but her remarkable work lives on.

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