Allegri faces red after scoring the winning goal in the home game of Ja Salernitana

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Massimiliano Allegri, Juventus manager. The referee was given a red card after being unhappy with the performance of the referee in the Serie A UFABET game. Which boiled down to four red cards at the end of the game last night.

Serie A Italian Serie A football match 6 last night. Juventus opened  the Allianz Stadium to receive the visit of Salernitana. It appears that the Zebra army continues to perform poorly this season. After opening the house to equalize Salernitana catch 2-2.

Allegri faces red after scoring the winning goal in the home game of Ja Salernitana

           The visiting team had the goal to lead first in the 18th minute from the moment that  Juan Cuadrado took the header. Missed the ball to Pasquale Mazzosci snatched into the left penalty area. Opened to the second post. Antonio Candreva charged the ball into the goal. Then in the 45+5 minute injury time, the hosts were twice shocked from the moment that Boulay Dia fell on the right side, allowing Christoph Piatek to shoot in the penalty area, the ball hit the referee Bremer’s hand. Watching VAR and awarding a penalty to the visiting team  , Pionek has no kills left in the first half , Juventus are 0-2 behind. 

  The second half in the 51st minute, Zebra chasing a 1-2 from the moment that Philip Kostic threw the ball in front of the goal, this time Bremer recovered from the penalty, hit the ground, floated through Luigi Sepe from That in the 90+3 minute, Juventus equalized from the moment that  Tony Wilhena fouled Alex Sandro, the referee pointed the penalty before checking VAR  . Leonardo Bonucci hit a save. before repeating the success 

 Then at the end of the game, there was drama until it started, starting with Arcadiusz Milik heading Juan Cuadrado ‘s opening goal into the 90+4 minutes before the referee took off his shirt to celebrate even though he had The yellow card was carried before in the game. The Polish striker was sent off the field for the second yellow card.  But as the two teams were about to kick off, referee Matteo Marcenaro was called to the monitor to check VAR for offside. before he reached the screen. The two sides clashed fiercely. There were shouts of insults for some time as Marcenaro tried to contain the incident, both Juan Cuadrado and Salernitana ‘s Federico Facio were involved in the confrontation and were immediately sent off by a red card. The chaos continues

   Finally the referee walked to the monitor. Taking a few glances , Marcenaro saw that Bonucci, who had been involved in the game, was positioned offside. It is not a goal. Juventus players are very dissatisfied with the verdict, running after the black shirt running back to the field. Juve boss Massimiliano Allegri was furious and was eventually sent off as well, bringing his total to four red cards in three minutes. The game eventually resumed with little time remaining before the game ended in a 2-2 draw.

Davide Nicola, Manager of Salernitana Praise the post-match verdict, claiming that VAR enhances the sport’s credibility. “We are very satisfied with our performance. And it would be very disappointing to go home empty-handed after the game,” Nicola told DAZN . “VAR has proven that the sport is reliable. From the moment the offside player tries to reach the ball. He interferes with play.” He added: “Salernitana came here to play our game. We play aggressively and high-pressing on them We have to be ambitious. But at the same time maintaining the humility needed to improve further. In Serie A at this time it is difficult to get a good result without being the first to start. So we tried to attack from the beginning.” 

 Massimiliano Allegri thinks Milik’s goal is not offside. “I didn’t talk to the referee after the game. That ball is not a goal and it is true,” he told DAZN after the game. “The only thing is I want to watch the video again. Antonio Candreva is close to the corner and we haven’t watched that video yet. What if he keeps everyone off the beaten track? I don’t have that video, no one has, so I don’t know.” The referee must not be disturbed by anyone. The protagonist is a footballer. We have 10-15 good referees in Italy.”

          Allegri also spoke of his happiness with the team’s performance in the second half. “The reaction in the second half was excellent,” Allegri added. “I can watch the children For the form of play in the second half The referee did a good job and made important decisions at the end of the game. But we lost a penalty in injury time. We had several shots on target in the first 20 minutes.” “The performance in the second half was good. At least we are preparing for the Champions game. The league with a draw is not a defeat. So the mood is different.”