Expected Value In Poker

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Let’s Take A Look At How EV Has A Concept In Poker. Simply Put, To Be A Successful Poker Player You Should Play +EV On Every Action You Play As Much As Possible. To Overcome Long-Term Volatility (Even If You Play Right And Have EV Positive, You Can Still Lose That Pot, But That’s Okay, EV Will Work In The Long Run.)

Expected Value In Poker

Let’s Take An Example, Let’s Say You’re In The Button Position With $200 Chip Game 2/. 4 Full-Ring Opponents Who Play Quite Looser For $16 From Early Position You Call With J♦ 9♦ And Everyone Folds The Middle Pot Has $38 Flop Opens 5♦ 10 2♣ Opponent You Bet $30 You Decide The Call Pot Becomes $98 You Left $154 Turn Is 7♠ Your Bet Opponent $50 Pot Now Has $148 Call Now Is A Good Option. ‘Cause You’ve Got A Gutshot Flush Draw, But Let’s Take A Look At All-In’s EVs.

Let’s Say You Play With This Opponent Often. And He Tends To Hold The Middle Of The Hand To Put Pressure On You To Crouch. Think He Has A 66% Chance Of Crouching If You All-In And If He Calls. Think Of Him Having A Hand Like A T9 In The Top Pair, And You’ll Have 34.09% To Draw To Beat Him.

There Are Three Possibilities.

1. Your Opponent Knocks And You Win $148 (He Gives Up $50 At Bet Plus $98 In The Middle)
2. He Calls And You Don’t Draw, Costing You $154 (Value That Mr. All In)
3. He Calls And You Draw, Earning You $252 ($98 Pot Plus $154 All-In)

. Think Of One EV If Your Opponent Crouches: $148 X 0.66 = $97.68

Next To EV. In The Case Of Khao Call, But This One Is A Little Complicated. Because It Has To Think Of Two Cases Where You Win And Lose Together.
If Your Opponent Calls And You Lose = 0.6591 X -$154 = -$101.5014 If Your Opponent Calls And You Win = 0.3409 X $252 = $85.9068EV When Called = -$16.5014
Try Putting It In The Chart.

We Can Calculate EV As Follows.

In Case Of Opponent Calls : 0.33 X -$16.50 = -$5.45
In Case Of Crouching : 0.66 X $148 = $97.68
EV Of All-In Is : (-$5.45 + $97.68) = $92.23

Awesome! Positive EV Means You Should All-In In This Gameplay, But It’s Not Like You Should All-In Whenever There’s A Flush. There Are Additional Matters To Consider UFABET.