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In Short, 6-Card Plo Is What I Personally Enjoy And Love To Play The Most. A 6-Card Plo Is The Same As A 4- And 5-Card Plo. But We Only Get 1 More Card In Our Hand. Making A Total Of 6 By Taking 2 Cards. Combine The Hand With The Cards On The Flop And Get The Best Card.  


Coming To Play, 6 Card PLO Play.  

I’d Like To Give A Brief Introduction That Doesn’t Have A Lot Of Principles. Because In The End, PLO Will Bring A Good Card To Play, But If The Flop Doesn’t Like It, You Have To Throw It Away. As The Saying Goes, The Card Is As Big As An Agafroth Gun. Open The Card And Turn It Into A Revolver. Haha.

First Of All, The Selection Of Cards For Me Will Try To Choose The Cards In My Hand That Are State And Two Or Three Flush, For Example JT 9 8 7 6, These Cards Have A Chance To Go Bad Beats Against Someone Else. High Side But Don’t Forget We Have 6 Cards, Other Players Have 6 Cards, Other Players Have A Chance To Call To Bat Beats On Us Too.

Second , Choose Rank. Good Cards Are The Most Important When Playing When Faced With Open Fringe Manut States. In Playing, Fringes Here Should Not Be Stressful, Especially Cards In The Hand That Have A State That Can’t Be Developed Further. Go In Higher States Can Include Flush Or Full House Because Playing Plo Has Pot-Limit, Even If We Raise Pot We Might Call For Sure. Keep In Mind That Bat Beats Can Happen Easily.  

Third Place In The Selection Of Cards With Waiting Cards We Should Classify Draw Types And Include Out Counts. The Flush Wait Should Try To Draw Cards From Flush K And Above, Especially Flush A. Flush A Is Best Because In Plo, Assuming We Have A Nut State On The Turn, But Flop It’s A Draw Flush, And Our Hand Is Also Draw Flush, But It’s Flush. Just Q. You Might Think That You’re Stuck With A Nut, And You Still Have A Draw Flush. True, But Keep This In Mind That We Have Him. It Might Be Bigger And That’s The Pot Limit. Players With Bigger Flush, Either K Or A, Will Call After That.

Of Course We Should Read That. And If It Actually Falls Into A Flush, We Have A Chance Of Being Overtaken. Or It Could Be Easily Buffed. Therefore, Another Important Issue Is Position. If We Have An Advantageous Position, We Will Definitely Make More Bracelets.

Fourth , The Matter Of Installing Full House. Open Flop. Suppose The Flop Is AK 9, We Have A9 Tupa. We Should Not Raise, Lead Or Call. Actually Assuming The Turn Or River Card Is A Or 9, We Will Be Full. House, But Remember Our Full House Is Not The Biggest Card, There May Be Someone Holding A Set Like KK, But If Turn Or River Is A, Then There May Be Someone Holding Two Pair Like AK. Which We Don’t Know May Cause Got All In And We Can’t Crouch May Be Exhausted

Fifth Place , Opponent’s Action The Action Of The Opponent Can Be Indicated. Cards That He Will Reach Including Hidden Cards, We Will Look Back At Pre-Flop , Flop , Turn , River, Yes To Decide Our Action. The First Rule Is Simple, If You Are Raised, Most Of The Opponents Will Hold Straight Sets. This Flop Talks About A Broad Way Flop, So If We’re Going To Fight Against Another Player, We Need Out To Draw More Of Our Cards Than Our Opponent. But If We Don’t Have A Big Draw, We Don’t Need To Re-Raise. We Can Just Call To See The UFABET Cards, Turn, And River If We Think It’s Worth It And The Other Player Will Pay If We Have That Draw.