Rayo chairman insists he was hit by agent Detomas headbutt

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It became the boiling point of transfer negotiations. When Raul Martin Presa, president of Rayo Vallecano, revealed that Raul de Tomas’ representative Ivan Garcia punched him in the nose during the match. Claim a brokerage fee

A scandal broke out in Spanish football when Raul Martin Presa president of Rayo Vallecano. Claimed he had been hit by the agents of rival Espanyol striker Raul De Tomas. In the Spanish La Liga battle. He hit his head on the bridge of his nose while negotiating a transfer On Thursday.

Rayo chairman insists he was hit by agent Detomas headbutt

Madrid city team Started negotiations with Ivan Garcia. The player’s agent, about transferring the UFABET team since the summer. Which this time seems to be nearing completion. But an unexpected incident occurred when Presa. The team’s big boss who had to use plaster to cover his nose. Revealed that he had been attacked and hospitalized during the meeting. 

It was an unexpected headbutt. is the act of criminals. A very cowardly act and a very vile act. Because if he warned me first We must have fought each other. Presa said with displeasure and had already filed a complaint with the heading agent.

Meanwhile, Rayo Vallecano released a statement saying Ivan Garcia attacked Raul Martin Presa by banging his head in the face on Thursday night . The accident and emergency department doctor he had sought medical assistance and filed a complaint with officials said yesterday was the spread of fake news that Garcia said he had been attacked and filed a complaint. We have denied the news.

Marca reported that despite the controversy caused by demands for commissions. But an agreement is expected soon between the two clubs. With the value of Raul de Tomas around 10 million pounds, or about 421 million baht for grabbing a new player. But will not be able to play for Rayo until January, when the second round of the transfer market opens.