Richarlison becomes a clown for Wilson & Antonio

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Tottenham Hotspur’s Brazil forward Richarlison has become the laughingstock of Premier League duo Callum Wilson and Mikel Antonio when it comes to making a move door.

   This hilarious clip from the BBC’s The Footballer’s Football Podcast shows Mikel Antonio and Callum Wilson taunting fellow professionals Richarlison in their goals this season. It has certainly been a season to forget for the Brazilian striker following his £60m move from Everton to Tottenham Hotspur last summer. Despite being one of Brazil’s main players at the UFABET World Cup in Qatar last winter and scored the best goal of the tournament But his form at club level this season remains highly questionable.

Richarlison becomes a clown for Wilson & Antonio

         A few months ago, the 25-year-old called his season a lousy one, and then Spurs manager Antonio Conte agreed. And while scoring just one league goal all season is a pretty bad statistic. But it was the striker’s yellow card-to-goal ratio that caught the attention of Premier League fans. 

         On the very rare occasion Richarlison scored. The striker often chooses to strip his shirt off to celebrate the goal. by showing a tattoo on his back This is a tattoo that Micah Richards has described as ‘weird’, depicting himself, Ronaldo (R9) and Neymar Jr. Celebrating the goal resulted in the player receiving a yellow card. And if you think about Sergio Aguero’s 93rd-minute winner against QPR in 2012, it’s worth it (with his shirt off).

         Three times this season Richarlison has run off in delight and celebrated the goal. However, he was embarrassed later when his goal was confiscated by VAR. After that, the £60million-rated striker racked up an impressive record of four yellow cards per goal in the league . This season, which has led Premier League forwards Mikel Antonio and Callum Wilson to find it a joke.

 Speaking on BBC’s The Footballer’s Football Podcast, Antonio shared these incredible stats with Wilson. It starts by saying, “He (Richarlison) has scored four goals this season, but three are offside. He’s taken off his shirt four times this season,” before laughing merrily. To which Wilson replied, “He got 4 yellow cards, he was almost banned,” before the pair burst into laughter together.

The former Everton fan’s favorite scored a late equalizer against Liverpool at Anfield. Shortly thereafter, the Reds took the game to the other side to score once again to make it 4-3 and it was their victory. Richarlison’s misfortune has become a laughing stock for
many non-Spurs fans this season, however, it is rare to see fellow Premier League professionals (especially strikers) coming. Slap each other out to the media like this.