Totti reveals depression after wife of 20 years had sex with personal trainer

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Francesco Totti, Roma legend He opened up about his depression after separating from his wife of more than 20 years after she had an affair with his personal trainer.

Former ‘wolf dealer’ Francesco Totti has split from his wife of 20 years after she had an affair with his personal trainer. Roma legendandformer actress and host Ilari Blasi got married in 2005, when their wedding was broadcast live on TV . with more than a million viewers. Both were compared to the Beckhams and were given the title of The ‘Beckham of Italy’ has three children together: Christian, Chanel and Isabel.

Totti reveals depression after wife of 20 years had sex with personal trainer

Ilari was by Totti’s side when he played his last game of 2017 at the Stadio Olimpico, but in July this year it was a mistake. It was confirmed that they had separated. Where Totti has made a statement that “After 20 years together, my relationship with Ilari has unfortunately ended. What I’ve said and done over the past few months has been to protect my children. It’s ours that will always be the most important thing in my life.” “I try to overcome the crisis in our marriage. But today I know that choosing to part ways, although painful, is inevitable.” “Ilari and I will continue to raise our three wonderful children. Always with great respect for my wife.”

The Corriere della Sera , the Italian daily newspaper, claimed that Ilari had a secret relationship with Totti’s personal trainer Cristiano Jovino about 18 months ago , with rumors that Ilari had been working hard on the trip. Went to Milan, where Jovino lived for work, where Totti found an inappropriate message on her cell phone. which confirmed his suspicion that his wife had another man.

 Totti opened up about the breakup, telling Corriere della Sera : “It’s not true that I was the one who betrayed me first.” But I’ve read too many scams in the past few weeks. Some things make children mine also suffered.” “The real crisis happened between March and April last year. But I have been suffering for a very long time.” “I have been through difficult times. First, because I quit playing. And later my father died of COVID. I myself have been infected with COVID for 15 days.” “However, When I need you the most My wife is not there.”

  “In September last year Rumors started to get in my ears saying, ‘Look, Ilari has someone else,’ in fact, there’s more than one.” “I’ve never done it. (Checking his wife’s phone) for 20 years, and she never did to me. But when I was warned by other people I trusted, I was skeptical.” “I looked at her cell phone. and saw that there was a third person acting as an intermediary between Ilari and the other person.” “It’s like meeting at the hotel.”

  And it hit Totti hard. It was so heavy that he was depressed and unable to sleep. He credits his new lover, Noemi Bocki, for helping him find happiness again. In the past, there were various rumours. about you and me. But it’s really a rumour he continued. This is evidence and facts, and that leads to depression. I can’t sleep anymore I pretended nothing was wrong. But I’m not me anymore. I’m someone else. I survived it because of Noemi.” “We used to hang out as UFABET friends. And after the new year it became a thing. Ilari is dating other men. before the story of me and Noemi.”

        Totti spent his entire career at his boyhood club Roma , scoring 307 goals in 786 games. He has remained loyal to the club despite offers elsewhere. Later, after hanging up his boots, he took on the role of director of Roma. But in the end, it had to leave poorly in 2019 and ended a 30-year relationship with the Giallorossi.