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Simply Put, It’s The Average Of Our Playing Results. In Case We’ve Done That Hundreds And Thousands Of Times, Let’s Take A Look At A Simple, Non-Poker-Related Example.


Bet On Steph Curry

Just Kidding, You’ve Met Steph Curry, The Ultimate Basketball Player, And He’s Practicing Basketball. Do You Think It’s Down? If Down You Pay Him 5$, If Down You Get 5$
Should You Accept The Challenge? I Believe Your First Instinct Will Say No. Which Is Correct Let’s Go See The UFABET Results.

 If You Look At The Chart, You Can See That There Are Two Possible Cases.

1. Curry Shoots Down And You Lose 5$ Which Has A 90.1% Chance Of Happening 
2.He Misses A Shot And You Get 5$ Which Has A 9.9% Chance Of Happening

Which Seems To Be A Disadvantage. But Do You Want To Know How Much?

How To Calculate EV 

We Will Multiply The Results Of Each Case And Add Them Together. To See The Final Result

1.Down Shot 0.099 X $5 = $.495 2.Down Shot
0.901 X $5 = -$4.505
Shot Down + Shot Down : 0.495 – 4.505 = -$4.01
EV = -$4.01
This Is The Result. Once You Complete 100 Bets With Him, You Will Lose Around 4$ Based On EV Value.

Now, When You Don’t Accept The Challenge, Curry Changes The Offer For You. If He Shoots Down He Gets 5$ But If He Doesn’t Shoot You Get 100$ Now Do You Think It’s A Challenge?

Let’s Try To Figure It Out.

1.Fail Shot 0.099 X $100 = $9.90
2.Down Shot 0.901 X $5 = -$ 4.055 Unshot
+ Shot Down : 9.90 – 4.505 = -$4.01
EV = +5.395 EV

Is Clearly The Showman. That This Offer You Should Be Quick To Accept The Challenge!